Eddie West has a number of albums spanning almost 20 years. Here is information about where and when they were recorded. It’s a synopsis of the liner notes you would find in a booklet or back of an album cover. Lyrically Eddie writes about his travels and friendships over the years, the environment, farming, and other topics. Each album has a different sound and is both a continuation and departure from the previous one.

The Harp Project, Volume 1 is set for release in 2024. It’s a journey into one man’s quest to go on the road and play music. The first song to be released from the EP is “Open Mic Scene.” This song tells the story of a rising local songwriter. The Harp Project, produced by Marty Rifkin, contains band versions of the songs on Live from Jackson Hole. Because… the songs were written for a band. The EP will tell the story of the rising local star over 5 songs.

Live from Jackson Hole is a two-part release that will began streaming in 2023. It includes 16 tracks recorded over 12 Monday nights of the Jackson Hole Hootenanny’s winter ’22-’23 season. The Hoot, as it’s known, is a 30-year running open mic night in Jackson, WY. The key word is acoustic because the only amplification is from two stage mics.

Eddie sings and plays guitar and harmonica just as the majority of his live shows have been over the years. What makes these performances special is that he wrote an astounding 11 new songs to include their first performances on these recordings. It’s definitely as close to the songwriting and “living room” sound of Eddie West as possible.

Davis Years (2018) was recorded in Fort Collins, CO at The Blasting Room Studios with producer Andrew Berlin. It is affectionately known as “the kitchen sink album” because it has both old and new Eddie West songs of various styles. From the album’s opening notes of bluesy electric guitar on “Halfway Around the World,” to the last track of jam-band style mayhem on “Time Stands Still,” no two songs sound alike. It really has everything but the kitchen sink, and maybe that too!

Natural Philosophy (EP, 2013) includes 6 songs self-produced with guitarist George Milly. Performed by a live electric band, it was the culmination of a long-time performance and home recording collaboration between Eddie and George. The EP was lo-fi, having been put together with a limited budget and in a short timeframe. The end result is an interesting departure from Eddie’s acoustic sound with George’s and Eddie’s guitar playing shining throughout.

Eddie’s self-titled LP (2009) was recorded in Santa Monica, CA with producer and multi-instrumentalist Marty Rifkin. The songs were written and recorded on acoustic guitar and arrangements including the banjo, dobro and pedal steel give the album a bluegrass sound. The songs have really solid and interesting lyrics and some fantastic musicianship. The album ranges from ambient to in-your-face and back again.

The Leaving Colorado EP (2006) was recorded with producer Christopher Jak at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO. It is the opening handful of the acoustic, folk songs of Eddie’s arranged for a band. The result is a fun and entertaining listen with acoustic and electric guitars blended with Eddie’s harmonica, among other live instruments.